Our Story

Gregory Papageorge, the CEO & Founder of New York Cryogen Inc., possesses a deep understanding of chronic pain, not just professionally, but personally. His journey in the medical field began as a complex spine sales representative, where he provided clinical support and assisted orchestrate the use of his deformity spine systems for neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons participating in numerous operations assuring the surgical systems were being used correctly. 

On December 19, 2016, Greg underwent an extensive back surgery, which led to a severe bilateral brachial plexus injury. This injury resulted in complete paralysis of both arms for over six months. During the nerve healing process, he experienced excruciating pain. To mitigate this, he underwent more than two dozen surgeries and currently has two neuromodulators implanted, alongside a regimen of pain medications. Unfortunately, these circumstances necessitated his early retirement from the medical devise field. 

Greg, who had been an athlete, had always appreciated the benefits of cold therapy. While he enjoyed the sensation of the cryotherapy chambers, they offered no pain relief. His quest for more effective pain relief led him to acquire a small CO2-based cryotherapy device. The market offered such devices primarily for aesthetic purposes, but Greg saw potential for pain management. He hypothesized that a more powerful device, coupled with skin protection against frostbite, could deliver deep, healing cold to the muscles and fascia.  He took the principles of physics and a supercharged car engine to create the AC-130 VIPER.

Determined, Greg reengineered his CO2 device, amplifying its pressure almost five-fold. The challenge was to protect the skin from burns caused by extreme cold and condensation and pressure and make the altered devise efficient.  Drawing on his extensive experience in operating rooms, he discovered  the use Ioban or Tegaderm from 3M to waterproof and protect the skin.  It stress shield the shock of the cold CO2 gas with extream pressure. This breakthrough not only allowed for more comfortable treatments but also cut the treatment time by enabling a more aggressive treatment application.

Greg began self-treatment at his gym, which sparked curiosity and interest among others. Despite initial uncertainty about the outcomes for others, he started treating fellow gym-goers. The results were astounding, with many experiencing significant pain relief after just a few short treatments. Encouraged by this success, Greg pursued the development of his own device and underwent controlled clinical trials. In 2022, his method impressed the American Medical Association, leading to a rapid approval process—a rarity in the field. This recognition included the creation of CPT billing codes, making it the first Cryotherapy treatment for pain management to receive such approval and the first to be covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance.

The AC-130 Viper, set for distribution in late spring of 2024, represents a revolutionary step in pain management. Healthcare professionals with an NPI number who are passionate about providing pain relief and interested in a rewarding opportunity are encouraged to contact us for more information.